Fall/Winter 2017 sunglasses trends

Fall/winter should not stop you from rocking trendy sunglasses. Who says that no sun means no sunnies? While some of you might think sunglasses are just another accessories piece, we think that it can either make or break an entire outfit! While some sunglasses are timeless, there are always a few trends that will stand out from time to time and from season to season. This summer 2017, we have seen retro and vintage sunglasses making a comeback. These include the old school sunnies popularized by Kurt Cobain back in the 90s that you see all over Instagram. His shades inspired our very own KURT. Another trendy ones are oversized cat eyes sunglasses that inspired our KITTY. This fall/winter, we are seeing other new trends emerging. Some of these trends include colored lenses.

fall/winter 2017 sunglasses

Fall/Winter 2017 fashion week inspired sunglasses

Social media was buzzing during the autumn/winter fashion week. This is nothing new as fashion weeks bring about crazy outfits, trends and clothing – from shoes to shades! This season, designers of the fashion capitals of the world came up with statement shades that everyone needs to own in their closet. This inspired brands all over the world to get on the game and be part of this fashion mode! So make sure you look bomb and trendy with the latest glasses trends. Be spotted wearing them and immediately be the fashionista in the room!

Fall/Winter 2017 sunglasses – Different shades

At Blank, we want to make sure that people can express themselves through their style without having to go over budget. We provide great quality sunnies with great price! We do our research on the latest and coolest trends to make sure you stay up-to-date.

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fall/winter 2017 sunglasses