Migos – T-shirt inspired Sunglasses

Migos T-shirt Sunglasses. The Migos boys are famously known for their unique choice of sunglasses. In their latest video T-Shirt, Migos show of some clean shades. We know one thing. These shades are the trend of this summer. The question is of course: Where can we get these round frame sunglasses?

Migos T-Shirt Sunglasses 1


Migos’ sunglasses are vintage

First of all the Migos boys love to wear vintage frames. We see Quavo, Offset and Takeoff most of the time in the video with Bugatti 508 sunglasses. These are the sunglasses just like the Migos T-shirt Sunglasses. The one thing is, that these shades are sold out most of the time. Secondly, they are around 1000 dollars. So, we from Blank love the sunglasses so much we had to give them to you guys. We found some round frame vintage style sunglasses, which just fit the one’s in the T-shirt video.

Sunglasses just like Quavo: We got them

Blank stands for being you. It’s not about a brand or the name of the product. It’s about style, your style. So that’s why we don’t add brand marks to our products. Next to that, we stand for quality. All our sunglasses are made with Polycarbonate UV400 glasses to protect your eyes. Also we want them to be easy on the nose, so we choose lightweight materials. However in the end we just want to give you the style you want to inspire other people with. We just think Migos has the style we just like to wear. Impress others with your style. With our Migos T-shirt Sunglasses.

Migos T-shirt Sunglasses 2

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