Name White Round Sunglasses – Brandless Amsterdam

You know the name of the white round sunglasses? We were searching like a long time for this white shades, but is was so hard to found. That’s because there is no real name for this fashion item, or is there? Then you can let us know in the reactions. After months of searching somebody referred us to the guys from Brandless Amsterdam. We didn’t know them but now we do for sure. And they gave the sunglasses a name, KC sunglasses referring to the legend Kurt Cobain.

Kurt Cobain Sunglasses

And now we always refer to them like KC sunglasses or Kurt Cobain sunglasses. And maybe that’s also a good idea for everybody who’s reading this. Then we can name the shades like right now for the whole universe and everybody who’s looking for them. We also searched for the guy behind the glasses, Kurt. And we think he’s pretty cool. Did you now he used also nail polish back in the days. A trend you see now a lot at populair rappers.

Migos Sunglasses

You’re not the only one who was looking for these shades. The boys from Migos where also looking long time for this fashion item. Maybe they found it at Brandless Amsterdam, haha no just kidding. In our opinion these glasses will be the trend of 2017. A lot of influencers are already seen with it, and now it is your turn. We love to spot fashion items which will become a big trend, so check our site from Blank-Sunglasses for more trends and a lot of cool glasses.

Wite round sunglasses

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