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Bella Hadid Sunglasses

Bella Hadid inspired Sunglasses

Bella Hadid Sunglasses. Models have always been a huge influence in the fashion world. In 2017, it is no different. Top models and It girls like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Hailey Baldwin are staple trendsetters – especially with their edgy and unique style and fashion items. Bella Hadid’s age may only be 21, but her net worth keeps on growing every year since her major debut in 2014. Bella’s siblings Gigi and Anwar Hadid are also successful and influential models.  However, today we want to focus on Bella’s edgy style and streetwear though – sorry G! We know that Bella is the ‘cool’ sibling when it comes to clothing, often wearing street style looks and fashion accessories inspired by the 90s era. This of course includes sunglasses! Cool and funky shades have definitely become one of her statement looks.


Bella Hadid Edgy Sunglasses

You cannot talk about Bella without talking about edge, funk, and statement looks. She is all about wearing the trendiest and upcoming glasses, while still making sure to style it her way. We have to admit she is versatile when it comes to her style, but we have to agree outside of the red carpet, she leans more towards the street style look. We often see her rocking the weirdest and funkiest yet coolest sunglasses. The Weeknd’s ex Bella Hadid shows us that you definitely can take risk with your fashion pieces and still look stylish. In fact, we think that it brings an entire outfit to whole different level – making you an instant fashionista!  She is never afraid to showcase her personality through her style, we think it’s inspiring!

Bella Hadid Sunglasses

The Blank team wants to give you nothing but the best. We want you to get into trends before anyone else while making sure your wallet and bank account isn’t harmed by sky rocket prices. So that’s exactly what we did – making sure you can rock cool sunnies while staying on a budget!

Our DOUR glasses may be small, but their impact is beyond huge, making any outfit an instant hit. It is a 90s styles sunglasses, inspired by fashionistas who rep and own the 90s style and isn’t afraid to show it off, just like Bella Hadid.

Now, you can also own a pair of this 90s inspired shades and bring your fashion game to the next level with our Bella Hadid Sunglasses!