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Big Sean - Sacrifices Sunglasses

Big Sean ft Migos – Sacrifices: The Sunglasses

Which sunglasses do Big Sean and Migos wear in the music video Sacrifices? The rappers wear unique white and round sunglasses in their latest music video. We see Offset of course again with his white, big and round sunglasses, however also Big Sean and Quavo are wearing some crazy shades. Blank searched for the same style and guess what, we found a few nice Big Sean – Sacrifices sunglasses.

Big Sean and Migos are wearing vintage style in Sacrifices

First off al, let’s take a look at the sunglasses we see. The one Offset wears are clearly the KURT, but Quavo loves his round gold sunglasses of course. These are similar to our TRAPPER sunglasses. And Big Sean, he wears something just like the SLIPPERY. Secondly, in the video they talk about the sacrifices they made to become this big. They are really the trend right now, however they keep it real. It’s not easy to be successful. The sunglasses play a big role in the music video. We think they represent the way people can’t see the sacrifices they made. People only see the success, never the hard work. It’s really cool to see this back in the video.

Where can we buy these style of sunglasses?

Blank found a few shades that represent the style we see in the music video Big Sean ft Migos -Sacrifices. These vintage style Big Sean Sacrifices sunglasses are the trend right now and we know it will be the hit this summer. At last, al left to say is. Become your own style with our “Big Sean ft Migos – Sacrifices Sunglasses”.