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Clout Goggles

Clout goggles inspired by Kurt Cobain

The clout goggles are very popular white shades these days. You know them from the kurt cobain sunglasses or from the Denzel Curry video. According to the urban dictionary, clout goggles are the white oval sunglasses that all the mumble soundcloud rappers wear. We also see that a lot of famous women wear these glasses and they are available in different colors. The most popular ones are the black, red, leopard and white. Check them out at BLANK. under the name KC sunglasses.

Clout goggles with black lenses

The goggles from the famous video are white shades with black lenses. We also offer them with blue lenses and more special colors. Some people call them white alien shades or don’t know the name of it. Back in the days Nirvana wears them, but lately the trend is back. We spotted all the famous rappers, like Migos, Lil yachty and Drake with it. Also a lot women wears them to complete their looks and outfit. The Clout shades are made for men and women and will give you a clean look.

Clout goggles

Ok, where can I find these white oval sunglasses with black lenses? We from BLANK. have one which is exactly the same and available in a lot of colors. Jo from BLANK. Amsterdam thinks that the red glasses is also very nice, especially for woman. These clout glasses are UV 400 protected, this means that people wear them in the sun. It will give you an extraordinary look and will complete your outfit. Mix it up with streetwear or be fashionable with these red alien sunglasses or pick one of our other colors! Also the black oval glasses are very popular, most of all under men, because they are easy to mix up with your style. Check them out now at Blank and be yourself with these white Clout goggles.