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Clout Goggles

These are Clout Goggles: not Sunglasses

You know what I telled her? These are Clout Goggles! I guess we all have seen the funny video about Denzel Curry wearing these white sunglasses and telling that these aren’t glasses. The urban dictionary says the following about the clout shades: white oval sunglasses that mumble rappers wear. However, these oval white sunglasses are the trend lately. Like everybody wears them: celebs, skateboarders, hipsters, rappers and the list goes one. The question is where can we get these Clout shades?

Clout Goggles are made populair by Kurt Cobian

First off al, these type of sunglasses aren’t new. Back in the day Kurt Cobain (the lead singer of Nirvana) wore these oval shaped sunglasses all the time. Now the trend is back and it’s big. You can find these Clout goggles in al kinds of colors: black, white, pink, blue, yellow and the list goes on. However the white ones remain the most populair.

Where can we buy these clout glasses?

Okay, but where can I get these dope white goggles? No need for searching. Blank Sunglasses searched and found. We stocked a bunch of these goggles in all kinds of colors. Our main man Joew loves his black on black ones. What do you think? Which color would you pick? And oh yeah, the best part is, we offer worldwide free shipping. At last, al left to say is. Let’s get funky and get some Clout goggles!