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Dwyane Wade Sunglasses

Dwyane Wade inspired Sunglasses

Dwyane Wade sunglasses. Dwyane and his dope glasses. He may be known as one of the greatest basketball player of our time, alongside his mate LeBron James. He currently plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers aka Cavs. Apart from being a legendary NBA player, he is also known as Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade’s dad – a promising young basketball player. However, while many of you probably look at his stats, we at Blank also keep an eye on his fashion choices and style. Athletes don’t usually get as much attention as musicians and actors when it comes to iconic styles. That is, unless you’re an NBA legend like Dwyane Wade.

Dwyane Wade Flip-up Sunglasses

If you’re a true NBA fan you would remember the 2012 NBA finals between Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. It was a long awaited game and an intense one. We have to admit we were rooting for Heat and was so happy they won. Dwyane gave it all in his game and played like a ninja. Not only that, he also showed up to the press conference with a bang after his big win! Yes, he wore the iconic flip-up sunglasses to the press at a time when this fashion item was not even a trend. We love him for it!

Dwyane Wade Sunglasses

Blank wants you to be like Dwyane. To wear whatever you want to, any where and any time. Sometimes you’ve gotta let loose and wear something out of the box. We want you to get your hands on eye-catchy sunnies with great quality and affordable price. So this is what we’ve got for you! Our iconic CLAP are inspired by people who like to be different and isn’t afraid to take risks in the fashion world, just like Dwyane Wade. Now you too can get your very own Dwyane Wade sunglasses!