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Famous Dex Sunglasses

Famous Dex inspired Sunglasses

Famous Dex sunglasses. Who says all he can do is rap and not have his own statement sunnies? While some of you might know him as the Chicago born American rapper, we think he is also becoming a style icon in the industry! His real name is Dexter Gore and he is the first to sign to Rich The Kid’s label Rich Forever. The songs that made him big is OK Dexter and of course, Get Out My Face. Recently, Famous Dex also released the song Pick It Up, a collab he made with A$AP Rocky. By 2017, he has made a name for himself in the music industry with a couple of hit songs and albums. Apart from making a name in the trap scene, we think he will also become the next big style icon. His red hair, streetwear style, jeans overalls, and trendy sunglasses have become a statement look.


Famous Dex music videos Sunglasses

The world has been buzzing with new trap artists this year. Since the trap scene started becoming big last year, we have been searching for the next big rapper. You can’t talk about trap without talking about street style. This is why you can’t talk about Famous Dex without talking about all the shades he often wears in his music videos, concerts or whenever he’s out and about. Basically, he owns all his sunglasses style and so can you!

Famous Dex Sunglasses

We at Blank always keep an eye on new upcoming artists. We want to make sure you are able to express yourself through your style while keeping you under budget. You should be able buy any kind of sunglasses you want at a good price. Now, you can rock the trendy white sunglasses like he does!

Our popular and iconic KURT are inspired by Cobain but also all the rappers that bring the style back to the streets, like Famous Dex.

Wait no longer and be the first ones to rock the Famous Dex sunglasses!