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Lolita Sunglasses

Lolita inspired Sunglasses

Lolita the movie is famous not just for its controversial topic but also iconic sunglasses. Lolita is so iconic there is not one but two movies out there, one made in 1962 and another in 1997. You also probably know it as Vladimir Nabokov’s book about Hubert and Dolores Haze, or like us, a classic movie filled with retro styles. Did you know that the actress who played the original movie, Sue Lyon won a Golden Globe Award for her role? Most people remember Lolita as a movie or a book about a relationship between an older man and an underage girl. We associate Lolita with her stylish style that is timeless and inspiring, especially her heart shaped sunglasses and sleek cats eye sunglasses. Who knew that in 2017, these trends came back and are hotter than ever before? We can go into detail about how much we love Lolita’s style and fashionable retro outfits, but we’ll focus on her iconic heart shaped and cat eyes Lolita Sunglasses.


Heart shaped and cats eye sunglasses by Lolita

The fashion world is shook yet again with this trend that keeps on coming back! You can’t seem to get away from retro looks. Being controversial is nothing new for her, but this time, the fashion world is only focused on her clothing style and shades choices. The heart shaped glasses seem to be a staple among influencers and fashion bloggers as we have seen all over Instagram. The cats eye glasses, on the other hand, is seen worn by Holly wood celebrities and models, like Gigi Hadid. And we totally get it. How can you  go wrong with a timeless retro look? Step outside and make a statement with your eye catching heart sunglasses!

Lolita Sunglasses – Iconic Shades

We always look for the the latest and most up to date sunglasses trends here at Blank. We look into fashion icons and dig iconic movies to look out for upcoming trends. We want you to be able to buy and shop the trendiest glasses with affordable prices. If you’re looking for the best place to buy great quality sunglasses, but are on a budget, you’re at the right place! Some trends come and go, but retro style is something that will always have a place in the fashion world. Lolita’s staple heart shaped sunglasses is one of these items that is here to stay! Our HEART. and SISTER. sunnies are inspired by Lolita’s style. We offer these high quality shades in different colors. Our favorite has got to be the red ones. They are iconic, timeless, and perfect for making any outfits pop and obviously is the one she digs most as well! Other heart shaped and cats eye bestseller sunglasses colors include elegant black and sophisticated white – always a classic. Be the first ones to upgrade your look  and bring it to the next level with our Lolita Sunglasses.