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Metro Boomin Sunglasses

Inspired by: Metro Boomin Sunglasses

You maybe already know that Metro Boomin has his own sunglasses. Or at least now you know. We created a special shade that’s inspired by the man Metro Boomin himself. We hope you like them. We tried to create this one with the highest materials possible, as we always do at Blank. It’s important for us that you feel confident. And you should feel confident with these metro boomin sunglasses!

Metro Boomin glasses

We checked the latest pictures of his Instagram and we saw he was stunting. From zero to a 100, real quick. His fashion and stuff is always on point. And so are his glasses, the man Metro Boomin want some more! And we have more colors shades. He always wears the yellow one, but you maybe want to create your own style, which we understand ofcourse.

The Metro Boomin shades, which is your favorite?

It’s important to be yourself. That’s why we supply everything Blank. No label. No Brand. No nothing. You done know. Metro Boomin want some more, and so want we. And sometimes less is more. No label is more. These Metro Boomin shades are more. To be your best self is more. He has the vintage style in gold & yellow. So check it out and believe us, and believe your self. And stunt with these Metro Boomin Sunglasses!