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Migos Slippery Sunglasses

Migos – Slippery: The Sunglasses

Which sunglasses does Quavo wear in the new Migos video Slippery? The rapper from the rap group Migos loves to wear sunglasses. Quavo has a unique pair of shades in their new video “Slippery” The question is which one is it? We found the “Migos – Slippery Sunglasses” style.



Migos sunglasses are vintage style

Okay we see that in the video that Quavo has some kind of sunglasses which you can clap open. However, we all know this one is quite expensive. In fact, we know that the Migos crew only wear expensive vintage sunglasses. Most of the time they wear golden frames with dark brown or black shades from the brand Bugatti. This style is very popular among the rappers nowadays. The average price around these sunglasses, however are around 500 dollars. And this is when you can find a pair. Most of the time the sunglasses are just not available. Blank found a solution for all of us.

Migos Slippery glasses at Blank

We found the same style with real quality for a reasonable price. We found these two: CLAP and the TRAPPER. Just as we want it. Because, you want the style you desire, without paying lots of money just for the branded. You don’t need a brand to impress others, you are your own brand. Own it with your own style. That’s why all our sunglasses are blank. This means no brand. Just the quality you want, for a reasonable price.

These vintage style Migos Slippery Sunglasses come with UV400 shades, these are made from Polycarbonate. The frame is made from stainless steel, which makes them lightweight and easy on the nose.

So what do you think? Are these the solution for owning your style? The only thing we like to say is, just be you. You are the one who knows whats best for you. Let’s get slippery and put on our shades.

Blank Sunglasses. Because you don’t need a brand to impress.

Become your own style with our “Migos Slippery Sunglasses”.