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Snoop Dogg Heart Sunglasses

Snoop Dogg sunglasses

The Snoop Dogg sunglasses. In our opinion he’s an iconic person. And he’s really funny. Did you see the nature video’s with Snoop Dogg commentary. And sometimes he wears the Snoop Dogg Heart Sunglasses. And we love his style. His like a fashion icon without knowing it, but still killing it. And that’s why we from Blank love him, and you should too.

Katy perry heart sunglasses

If we see Snoop Dogg on TV he wears a lot of time the Snoop Dogg Heart Sunglasses. These Heart sunglasses from Snoop Dogg inspired us to add it to our store. But he is not the only one. Also Katty Perry wears this shades. And a lot of other influencers. And you can wear it too! It’s high quality and it’s both for men and women. So why wait?

Snoop Dogg heart shaped sunglasses

We all have a heart right? Is it on the right place, like on your head? Snoop Dogg loves to wear his heart shaped glasses. His style is very nonchalant but we like it. We don’t always have everything on point right. When our heart is at the right place, that’s the most important thing. That’s why we from Blank don’t use brands or labels, because it is all about you and your Snoop Dogg Heart Sunglasses.