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Soundcloud Rapper Sunglasses

Soundcloud rapper sunglasses white

Soundcloud rapper sunglasses are inspired and also called clout goggles or the Kurt Cobain sunglasses. These sunglasses from the 90’s are very popular these days. A lot of people don’t know the name an call them white alien shades or clout goggles. Back in the days you saw Nirvana rocking these soundcloud rapper glasses. Now in 2017 the trend is back and a lot of Mumble rappers wear these glasses. We also have a lot of colors like red, black and special editions. These white oval sunglasses will add something extra to your outfit.

Soundcloud rappers sunglasses

These soundcloud rappers sunglasses are very popular on the internet, but the question is where to get these glassses? We from BLANK sunglasses found them and think that this will be the next thing in town! Get them now and mix them up with rest of your outfit. The glasses are also UV 400 protected so they are the perfect choice in the summer. Also a lot of girls and women like to wear the white one with blue lenses or one in a nice color.

Soundcloud rapper glasses

The soundcloud rapper glasses are perfect to look clean. Complete your outfit with these soundcloud shades and get the 2017 extraordinary look. Skaters, rappers like Migos and Kanye, girls are spotted with these shades. The KURT. glasses become more and more famous these days. Do you like the mumble rapper style? If you like to be unique and have some fresh glasses, then you found your style. Quality frames with the newest and best looking styles here at Blank. What is your opinion? Our boy Joe wears the kurt frames all the time in black and white. Do you think you can wear and mix your outfit with the soundcloud rapper sunglasses?