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Take Off Sunglasses

Takeoff inspired sunglasses

We all know the takeoff sunglasses from the migos video clips. We from Brandless Amsterdam found some look a likes. We know that these glasses are hot right now. Especially our trappers and KC sunglasses. Check them out at brandless. The white one is inspired by kurt cobain and the round one are very stylish and just look like the migos ones. We also have a steampunk version of it, which have more a steampunk look than the trappers. The clear vision trappers sunglasses are also very nice, check them out!

Takeoff sunglasses: migos style

Takeoff migos sunglasses we found them! This style is the next fashion trend. The KC glasses are very popular these days. The white one and the trappers black are our best-sellers items. Takeoff is one of the youngest from the group and known of his mumble monotone voice. His voice is deeper than that of the rest of the migos group. His fashion style is one of the best, so we think he is an inspiring example for our products.

Takeoff clear glasses

Takeoff often wears clear glasses, they look like the brandless clear vision trappers. He is well known for designer clothes, but we found his shades which are a little bit more affordable. Brandless Amsterdam is known for fair prices and streetwear fashion. There are never brands on our clothing, fashion accessories and products. Be brandless and be yourself with the inspired takeoff sunglasses.