Blank Sunglasses was founded in 2017 by three young friends who wanted to create something authentic and fun. “We felt like a lot of brands seemed to be following the same trends, and we wanted something different. Something you haven’t seen before.”

We took inspiration from the classics but made them bold, eccentric, and expressive. At Blank, we don’t follow trends, we set our own. 


Blank, a brand with no branding.

Right from the start, we felt it important to change the way people view companies and brands. While most companies try to put their name out there and market themselves in an impersonal way, we want you to be your own brand.

By not adding any logos or labels to our products and calling ourselves "Blank", we hope to inspire confidence in others, especially those who don’t feel like they ‘fit in’ to define their own identity. We celebrate individuality and encourage you to express yourself by letting you fill in the blanks. 

Don’t follow the status quo, let your personality shine through.

Be your own brand.


The success of our brand started with our customers themselves and that’s how it will always be. It was a simple idea: a website full of sunglasses that were decorated with nothing but blank white space, to let you express yourself. And that, you did.

Soon, we started to see more and more of you posting pictures on Instagram of yourselves wearing our sunglasses. All so very different and unique. 

What started off as an idea, quickly became a movement that would allow people to express themselves in a way that fits their style.

Eventually even celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez were seen wearing our brand.

kylie jenner wearing blank sunglasses

The funny thing is, celebrities have a way of making things trend that may not have been trendy otherwise. From there, we just kept being different.


We wanted to establish Blank as a community where individuals could get inspiration from each other. And it worked. Blank has grown into much more than we ever imagined. 

Now it’s time to take things even further.

Blank 2.0. Stay tuned.