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Thug Life Sunglasses

Thug life sunglasses transparant

Thug life sunglasses we all know them from the videos. These glasses are exactly the same as the famous YouTube videos. In the video memes you see which is followed by a Freezed frame and a close-up of the subject with these glasses on the face, with the instrumental of the song “Nuthin’ but a G Thang”. We from Blank found these “mlg” sunglasses in real life. They are transparant so you can wear them to be a real “thug”. Known from the deal with it expression, which is something like a response to someone disapproval.  

Thug life shades

First of all when looking at these thug life shades one thing stand out, they are from very good quality. A lot of people are searching for these “mlg” sunglasses and don’t know where to get them. At Blank sunglasses we have one which looks very much the same and it’s made of poly carbonate. The transparant thug shades look exactly the same as the one from the videos and can be worn by men and women. You also get a protective box with it, so it can’t be damaged.

Buy deal with it sunglasses

Did you ever wanted to get the deal with it glasses, these shades are perfect for you! They have a bad ass look and looks very stylish. It also protect you from the sun (UV protected). These deal with it glasses are perfect to wear at concerts, festivals and parties! Look like your favorite meme on a costume party. Get these glasses and express yourself to be a meme. We from Blank think that you don’t need brands to express yourself. The pixel sunglasses are also for perfect for mine craft players or major league gamers. Impress your family and friends and buy these thug life sunglasses!