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Transparent Color Sunglasses

Clear color sunglasses

Transparant color sunglasses are the summer trend of 2017! Everyone is looking for these colorful clear glasses. A lot of famous people are spotted with these color shades. These are the next thing, get them now in a color of your choice. We have them in black, brown, green, pink, transparent and yellow. Which one is your favorite? Do you choose the brown one or the yellow one?

Transparent color sunglasses lens

The transparent shades are very colorful. Do you choose the red, green or yellow one? Get them now for the summer 2017. They are perfect to wear on a party, festival or on the beach. Mix it up with the rest of your outfit and express yourself with these tinted glasses. Which one do you choose? The transparent color sunglasses are also UV protected, so you don’t have to worry about your eyes. We named it CANDY. because of the summer look and the colored frames.

Clear frame sunglasses

The clear frame glasses are colored tinted and made from poly carbonate. Get them now exclusive at BLANK. Our boy Jo thinks this will be a trend. Nowadays, you’ll see the glasses more and more in the streets all over the world. We stand for fair prices and wanted to give you quality for a fair price. So we did it and also offer worldwide shipping. They are very light to wear and made for men and women. Become fresh and rock your own clear transparent color sunglasses.