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Vince Staples Sunglasses

Vince Staples inspired Sunglasses

Vince Staples Sunglasses. Over the past few years, the trap and rap scene has become bigger than ever before with many new artists. One of the most promising upcoming artists include Vince Staples. His albums Summertime 06 and Big Fish have been successful and gained him his current reputation as an artist. Also, one of his songs, Norf Norf, has also been a sensation. However, what we like most about him is his style. He brings such a fresh air to the trap scene that is mostly associated with money, luxury, bling and booties. He prefers a more casual look, opting for jeans, shirts and simple old school converse. We think it’s inspiring! Apart from chilled clothing choices, he also often chooses simple glasses. His simplicity and down-low style has definitely become his statement look.



Vince Staples Transparent Sunglasses

When talking about music, we will always talk about fashion. This is why you can’t talk about Vince without talking about his fashion go-to items. Apart from hoodies and jeans, he is a big fan of transparent glasses. He thinks it suits his chilled and laidback style, but we think it suits any kind of style. Basically, everybody needs to own at least one pair of transparent shades that they can wear anytime and anywhere!

Vince Staples Sunglasses

The Blank team wants to give you nothing but the best. We want you to have the best style and so that’s exactly what we do. We give you the best trendy sunglasses that not just suits your style, but also with a reasonable price. Our EFFEN glasses are inspired by chilled dudes who sees the beauty in simplicity and know that sometimes less means more, just like Vince Staples. Now, you too can own a pair of transparent glasses that will bring your style to the next level with our Vince Staples sunglasses!