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WILL.I.AM - WILLIAM Sunglasses

New in store: WILL.I.AM Sunglasses

Who is not a fan of the Black Eyed Peas? And who is not a fan of the sunglasses? He’s like a long time in the game and still owning it. And his fashion style is really dope. Just like his music. We are fan of everything especially when he raps fast. But you can be a little bit like him, by checking the sunglasses. glasses

We can talk about a lot of things about the man himself. He is a real jack-of-all-trades. He’s a member of the jury of The Voice and when he does that he wears a lot of times the glasses. He don’t care if it’s inside or outside. He just rocks it. And he also has his own Brand, but we are Blank.

William Sunglasses

We can talk for days about his music career and how it all started, but we prefer to talk fashion. He and the Black Eyed Pease have both crazy fashion styles. They are real icons in the music world, and a lot of people are following his choices about shades or anything. And we did secretly to, but we gave a personal touch to it. And voila, there we have the sunglasses.