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Wiz Khalifa Sunglasses

Inspired Wiz Khalifa sunglasses

Wiz Khalifa sunglasses are very outstanding, the rapper wears often white sunglasses. Our KURT. are inspired by these white glasses. The Wiz Khalifa white sunglasses are very hot this summer and are from very high quality. We from Blank thinks they are very unique and stylish. It comes in different colors, white, black and red. The white one is the one who sells the most, but our fellow Joe thinks the black one are also very fashionable. Take a look at his style and check out for more outstanding glasses.





Wiz khalifa glasses white

When we look at wiz his sunglasses style, one thing stands out. He loves the white frames and especially from high end brands. We from Blank thinks that Wiz Khalifa is Kurt Cobain inspired just like us when we found the KURT.  Sometimes he wears also rounded glasses or steampunk shades which are just like our TRAPPER. We wanted to made a style for everyone which is very fashionable and high quality for fair prices. Inspired by the latest trends and designed for you. We think that he likes the KURT. and TRAPPER. the most so check them out.

White sunglasses

Get your Wiz Khalifa sunglasses now at Blank Sunglasses. We just want to give you some inspiration and look at the influencers of the world. We think that you don’t need expensive brands to make you feel good. So we wanted to make a style for everyone. The glasses comes with UV400 shades made from poly carbonate, which just looks like the picture below. No brands but stylish, so let it be summer and wear the glasses. The glasses are also made for everyone, so they fit everybody. Men or women and not to big or small. What do you think? Check our inspired Wiz Khalifa sunglasses.