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XXXtentaction Sunglasses

XXXtentaction glasses

Which XXXtentaction glasses like to wear? XXXtentaction doesn’t wear that much shades. But sometimes you will see him with the white mumble frames with black lenses. If you are looking for this sunglasses, you are at the right place. Blank Sunglasses found some which has the same look as the one XXXtentaction wear. Check out which white shades we found!

XXXtentaction sunglasses are vintage style

First of all xxxtentaction is known for his extraordinary looks. The question is where to get the obvious white sunglasses? Blank Sunglasses went for a search and found these ones. They are from good quality and have a reasonable price of 18,-. We also offer more frame and lenses colors like black, pink, jaguar print and red.

XXXtentaction shades

Yes, we found the shades which look similar to the one XXXtentaction is wearing on the picture above. They are called the KURT. This is because Kurt Cobain wears them always back in the days. Also a lot of other rappers like migos and Lil Yachty are spotted with the white shades. In Amsterdam the glasses are also very popular, a lot of women and men wear them in the summer of 2017. We also see that this trend is worldwide, because this is one of our most popular products at Blank. Blank has no brands inside. We want you to be your own brand with the XXXtentaction sunglasses.