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G Dragon Sunglasses

G dragon glasses inspired

Which sunglasses does G dragon wear? G dragin is an south korean rapper, record producer and singer songwriter. He has an unique style and wears glasses all the time. In his video clips you will see him a lot with with rounded or white sunglasses. We from Blank have similar glasses like the KURT. and TRAPPER.

G dragon sunglasses: Vintage style

Ok.. we see that G dragon has an extraordinary style. We also see him with vintage rounded sunglasses or oval white sunglasses. However, the golden frames with brown or black lenses are just like our trapper. You will also see the white oval shades and they look exactly the same as our KURT. This style is very popular among the rappers these days. We also offer a lot of colors, so check them out and get the one you like. We don’t have the expensive prices like the high class brands, but we offer the same style for an good price. So we have found an solution for everyone.

G dragon shades from Blank

The same style sunglasses as G dragon for an affordable price. We want the style from the rappers which you desire, without paying too much for an branded one. Own it with your own looks and add something to your outfit. We always see that the KURT. is very popular because of the colors. The trapper is more for the trappers out there and will give you an high end look. You don’t need brands to impress yourself. That’s why all the sunglasses are unbranded or “blank”.  Do you think this is something you like? The glasses are also UV 400 protected, so don’t worry about the sun. If you have any questions, you can always ask our boy Joe for more information. Be blank and get your own inspired G dragon sunglasses.