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Jackie O Sunglasses

Special Jackie O sunglasses

These are the special Jackie O sunglasses inspired on the amazing Jackie O. These Jackie O sunglasses were the real eye-catcher back in the days. Also Kurt Cobain was inspired by these sunglasses. Brandless believes that this is the trend of 2017! So let’s go and find these white sunglasses now, right here where you are! And did you also know that she was a First Lady? If you don’t know now you know. She was the most stylish president women of America in our humble opinion. Be Humble, no Kendrick but wear these glasses like Jackie O. She knew a lot about fashion and she has introduced a lot of trends we are now wearing, anno 2017.




Sunglasses from Jackie O

Jackie O was the real trendsetter with this fashion item. She started this movement and a lot of people followed her style, like Drake, Migos and Curt Kobain. And she did not started from the bottom, no she started as a First Lady. And now she’s here back again. The summer is coming and this can make you on the top of everybody else. On top of the world. Do you already see yourself walking on the red carpet with these Kurt Cobain-like glasses? We do. So give us a chance to see you shining in these Jackie O sunglasses.

White vintage Jackie o sunglasses

We don’t want to talk to much, but this is the future. We are futuristic, and so are you. That’s why you are visiting Brandless Amsterdam. White is also the main summer color, so that’s +1 reason to check this fashion icon out. Do you need more reasons? No right? And if you are wearing this you will know we are right. And if we are not right.. no let’s not think about that. Be like the first lady and wear these Jackie O white sunglasses. Be the future now, today. So check now and order this at Brandless, the next best thing: Jackie O sunglasses!