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Mac Miller Sunglasses

Mac Miller: Which sunglasses does he wear?

Mac Miller sunglasses? We see the rapper wearing his shades a the time, however which one does he wear? Wen we Google Mac Miller with sunglasses, you get to see Mac wearing round gold frame sunglasses. Blank noticed that these vintage shades are very popular lately. So, that’s why we went on a journey. A journey to find these sunglasses.

Mac Miller Sunglasses are vintage

First off al, let’s find out which sunglasses these are. After searching on the web Blank Sunglasses found the one. They are Jean Paul Gaultier 6106 sunglasses. The sunglasses come with brown, clear and black shades. The price however, is a bit on the pricey side. They go for 250-300 Us dollars.

Secondly, they are almost always sold out. The question is: how can we get these vintage style for a fair price?

Where can we buy these Mac Miller style sunglasses?

Blank Sunglasses found a few Mac Miller Sunglasses that are similar to the style we see Mac wearing in the pictures. These vintage style round sunglasses come with stainless steel gold frames and you can choose between black, brown and clear glasses. And that just for 28 euro’s. The crazy thing is, everybody wants them and they are the trend for this summer.

Al left to say is: Do you own the Mac Miller sunglasses style this summer?