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Young Dolph Sunglasses

Young dolph style sunglasses

Which sunglasses does Young Dolph like to wear? Young Dolph loves his shades. He almost always wears sunglasses, but where can we get these sunglasses? Blank Sunglasses went for the mission to find the Young Dolph sunglasses and with success. Check out which one we found!

Young Dolph Sunglasses are vintage style

First off al, Young Dolph is mostly known for his rimless sunglasses. However lately we have seen the rapper with gold frame vintage style sunglasses. The question is, which kind of sunglasses are these? Blank Sunglasses went for the search and found out that he wears Cartier sunglasses. The sunglasses are a bit pricey. They cost around 400-500 dollar.

Next to that, they are most of the time sold out. So Blank went on searching for the same style for a reasonable price.

Where can we buy these style of Young Dolph sunglasses?

Okay, we found a pair of sunglasses which look similar to the ones Dolph is wearing. They are called the Trappers. Also Migos and other rappers are seen with this kind of shades. The vintage round sunglasses are gold framed and are available with black, brown or clear glasses. The sunglasses are very populair lately and they just sell like warm bread as we in the Netherlands say.

What do you guys think? Do you like this kind of style and do you think this will be the trend this summer. In the end, all left to say is: are you ready to trap like Young Dolph? Check our Young Dolph sunglasses style here at Blank Sunglasses.