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Cardi B Sunglasses

Cardi B: Her Sunglasses

Which sunglasses does Cardi B like to wear? The number one hitting rapgirl Cardi B loves to wear unique sunglasses. The question is which were can we find these type of shades?


Cardi B loves big fashion sunglasses

Let’s look it up in google. We see Cardi B wearing a lot of big unique sunglasses. Sunglasses we don’t see as often in our usual shades shop. And that’s without reason. The average price for these sunglasses differ from 500-1000 dollar a piece. And when you can find a pair. Most of the time these sunglasses are just sold out. We wanted to find a solution to find a few shades that fit the same style, however a bit more affordable .

Cardi B shades style at Blank

Okay, we’ve found the same Cardi B sunglasses style with great quality for a reasonable price. First of all the  KURT. The trend of the moment. A popping shade that stands out. Also known as Clout Goggles or KC sunglasses. Next to that the LOVE. A type of shade Cardi B once posted on Instagram. The world lives of love. Why not show it? And the last one is the MONROE. This one is the new trend, a fashionista type of sunglasses. A must have for this fall and winter.

Blank Sunglasses are shades without a brand. You are your own brand. Own it with your own style. Just the quality you want, for a reasonable price.

All the Carbi B sunglasses style shades come with UV400 protection. They are made from PVC, which makes them lightweight and easy on the nose.

So what do you think? Did we find the right match for her style? Let us know!

Become your own style with your style Cardi B sunglasses.