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Clear Glasses

Clear Glasses Aviator

These clear glasses aviator from Brandless Amsterdam are very popular by a lot of people. Everybody wants these clear lens glasses for men and women! A lot of well-known super stars are wearing these glasses, among Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Brandless Amsterdam is selling these glasses in both the gold and the silver color. These retro aviator is a real boost for your summer outfit! Which one is your favorite?! Do you choose the clear aviator glasses with the gold or the silver frame?

Vintage clear glasses for the summer

Before you know it it will be summer. And what’s a better start then buying this retro aviator? This bestseller fashion item is available in both the silver frame as the golden frame. And these are the exact colors that will match every cool outfit you are wearing. So which one will you buy?! It’s proven that both colors are looking good on everybody, so why waiting to give it a try? Word on the streets is that a lot of people will wear this fashion item at festivals, what about you?! You want to be the best version of yourself right, so give it a try. A real try. And we won’t disappoint you and you can expect only the best quality from BLANK.

Clear lens glasses vintage

If you look around you you will see this fashion trend more and more, the clear vintage lens. In the early 70’s these retro item for men and women where worn by a lot of people with a good case for fashion, and now in 2017 it’s all back again! You will see these clear aviator more and more in the big city’s, including London and Amsterdam. This lens is now exclusive available on Blank Sunglasses, with free shipping! Today is the day to order these clear glasses!