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Hexagon Sunglasses

Hexagon shaped Sunglasses

These hexagon sunglasses with a gold frame and green glasses are now available at Blank. The hexagonal glasses are more and more populair these days. A lot of men and women over the world are looking for these hexagon shades. That’s why we found some in our style and our girl Jaim like them very much and wears them all the time. They are also very populair to wear in the streets, festivals and at the beach. It will add a stylish 2017 look to your outfit. Besides the HEX we offer also the TRAVIS glasses and they are more angular.








Hexagon glasses

Hexagon glasses are very popular these days. We at Blank Sunglasses thinks that this hexagon shades are the next big thing in town. A lot of people asked if we could get them in our store, so we found them. The style is unique and gives and adds a little bit a vintage look to your style. Check the angular shades out in our store. Do you like the gold frames and the green lenses? Let our boy Joe from Blank know, he likes it when people ask or tell him things.

Hexagon sunglasses made for you

We from Blank like to offer quality glasses for reasonable prices. The frame is made from stainless steel and the shades are made from AC. For more produt information check the additional information at the product. The glasses are designed for both men and women, which is the reason why they are light to wear and relaxed for your eyes. We know that these hexagonal sunglasses are the trend of the year. They are made for all of us, everybody can wear this style. What is your choice? HEX or TRAVIS? Which one do you like? You don’t need brands to impress with our hexagon sunglasses.