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Tiny sunglasses: The summer trend of 2018

Tiny Sunglasses: The summer trend of 2018

Have you seen these small, tiny sunglasses around lately? They barely cover your eyes, but look extremely fashion. Celebs like Rihanna, models like Bella Hadid have been spotted with these kind of shades. And the list keeps going on. Even Kanye mentioned it: “You can’t wear these oversized sunglasses anymore” From oversized to micro, how, when and where did this trend start?

Small sunglasses: Inspiration from vintage design

This year is all about bringing back the retro and vintage styles from the 80’s and 90’s. From designers like Lous Vuitton to Miu Miu. They all showcased the small and tiny sunglasses during their shows. It’s a look you need to get used to and which is not easy to match. The first question is most likely: why would you ever where these shades? They barely cover your eyes. Why? Because they look dope, really dope. It’s a trend you might avoid, if you don’t want to stand out. Because fact is, people will check you out. However, if you have the confidence and style to wear these tiny sunglasses. You might become the fashion killer of this summer.

BLANK SUNGLASSES: Tiny Sunglasses Collection 2018

Of course, we had to bring you this style for a reasonable price. And we did with a bang! A whole collection of tiny, small and fashionable sunglasses in a whole lot of colors. So you can mix and match each festival with your favorite pair of tiny sunglasses. Are you ready for this years summer? Check out below our range of small sunglasses.