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White Alien Shades

White alien sunglasses

White alien shades. The legend Kurt Cobain from Nirvana wore them back in the day. At this moment you will see more and more people wear it. A lot of famous people in the world are wearing them in different colors. The vintage white black alien shades are back from the 90’s and more popular than ever. Some people call them alien shades and other people kurt cobain sunglasses. Our vintage sunglasses come in stylish frames for both men and women. We also have more colors like black or red with blue or black lenses.

White alien shades with black glasses

These white alien glasses with black shades were very popular because of Kurt Cobain. That’s why we called them KURT. These days a lot of rappers like the group Migos wear them all the time. We spotted them with these alien glasses and think it will become the trend of 2017 and 2018. The glasses are easy to wear and UV protected against the sun. Also a lot of famous women are spotted with these white alien sunglasses as an extra for their look and outfit. The white with black lenses are the most popular, but a lot of girls choose the red one to be a little more special. This fashion item is easy to mix up with a lot of different styles. You can wear streetwear, but it also looks good with a more classy style. White alien shades

White alien glasses

Even the most famous rappers from the world like Drake wear similar glasses. Also the boys Rae Sremmurd are spotted with it and you see Taylor Swift wearing it at party’s. This is the next big thing in fashion and we from BLANK. offer a very nice one for a good price. Blank-sunglasses are made for you, you can be yourself without the expensive brands. Check them out and get your own white alien shades.